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Non- Audit Engagement Services

Our purpose is to be your most trusted professional resource for business council. Our goal is to provide professional, timely, proactive, innovative & independent services. Whether is it financial, advisory or tax services to privately owned businesses, families or individuals; we provide our services at reasonable fees.

Our Non- Audit engagement services include; Compilation, Due Dilligence, Advising, Forensics, systems design & company secretarial services.


No matter the size of your business, we offer review and compilation services for your financial statements and any other attest functions you may need.

Due Diligence

Our approach is to deliver a due diligence evaluation which utilises our senior staff and their extensive corporate finance lead advisory experience.


We will help you understand how you or your business is performing, where you’re falling short and how you can improve.


We offer forensic accounting, with a wealth of knowledge to provide the resolution to your forensic accounting investigation, from corporate to family law, expert witness to forensic due diligence.

Systems Design

Cicero can help you design an accounting system that helps your business grow and gives you the answers you need to make smart decisions.

Company Secretarial Services

Through our Company Secretarial Service offering, we can ensure that you comply with all legislated requirements.


Cicero Strategic Advisory Group stands at your disposal. Drop a line, fill in the contact form or call us on +260 966 968 384

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