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About Us

Cicero Strategic Advisory Group is a boutique auditing and consulting firm based on the Copperbelt in Kitwe. It was established in 2010 by Edward Mwamulima; a chartered accountant with almost two decades of experience in the business and the profession. Cicero Strategic Group proactively delivers successful innovative business, financial and tax solutions. we integrate these plans to meet personal financial goals and actively follow up to ensure that expectations have been met!

Practice Description

As auditors and strategy consultants we provide thought leadership, unbiased partnership and deep industry knowledge. We have a human resource compliment of fully qualified chartered accountants, Emergent Business Solutions an associate firm of Tax consultants; trainee accountants and interns as well as 2 architects who provide project management services. We plan to be Zambia’s first multi professional firm.

Our goal as the consultants is similar to the role of a doctor – diagnose the problems of a company, and prescribe actions to remedy and improve the situation.

To do that we need to get to understand the business, make sure the questions asked by the client are actually the questions they should be asking, and then gathering the information on how to best answer that question.

Finally, it involves working with the client to come up with a realistically-implementable strategy to set the direction and help achieve the long term goals of the company.

Our firm provides tax, financial and legal advice regarding international investment and international tax law as they relate to Zambia.

Our Services

We believe that adding Value is the fundamental driver of our business. Specifically, it must be self-evident that our contribution to our clients’ businesses exceeds the cost of our services. Also, it is simply more satisfying to do a good job than a poor one.

We offer both audit engagement and non-audit engagement.


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